exploded view

Of course I have made a 3D drawing of the design, but it doesn’t thrill me to do it. I like a good old model. Everyone can immediately see what it will be like, the space and especially the light. Here I took photos with the house in the same orientation as in the real situation, so I can see how far the sun enters the house in mid October. I made the model so that we can take apart each floor. I am still working on this, so for instance 2 stairs are still missing.

The roof will be filled with PV panels and maybe also plants. The toplight is an hydrolic door above the stairs. I think it will bring in a lot of daylight all the way to the basement.


Upstairs there is space for three large bedrooms and one bathroom. I already let go of one of my “wishes” to be able to look out over the horizon while showering. It was either that, or a room with that marvellous view. So now I combine showering with looking at the sky instead. Sembo and Kanna are getting the rooms in the front. They can climb through the glass house into their rooms. A great scenic moment is to look through the lower window in the front room, through the glass house and see people entering and behind that, the rabbits in the patio.


The ground floor receives light from the large sliding glass doors in the front. The side walls are kept closed since they only would face the walls of the neighboring houses. The high windows in the back offer a view to the sky. The neighbouring construction company’s storage mess which is stored underneath, remains out of sight.

The kitchen is the one I made before for our own apartment with the idea that we would be able to take it with us if we would move. The concrete top is made of UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete) which is why it is reltively light and therefore mobile.

I am making an alternative ground floor in which part of the floor is lifted higher so that more light can enter the basement. The entrance through the glass house needs working on. I imagine it as a sort of glass bridge, so that it doesn’t block the light in the patio. But entering the house is always such a messy business in our case, with thousands of shoes, boots, rollerskates, bags, coats, etc. etc. The block in the middle is supposed to be taking care of all that but I foresee it is not going to be enough.




The patio is the “trick” to bring ample daylight into the basement.  It is covered by the glass house, will function as a semi-outdoor space. If it is not too cold, the sliding doors can be opened entirely so that this space becomes part of the interior. The two spaces facing the patio are the 6-mat tatami room and the atelier. So if you come visit us, you can sleep over in this room. The dark corner is used for storage, toilet and installation room.