For the shops of shoe designer Jan Jansen, Lok Jansen set up a conceptual framework, in which each shop would represent a different, magical world.

We designed a series of interiors with narrative themes such as “tropical garden”, “fifties Hollywood swimming pool” and “playful ruin”. The shoes feature as precious props and the customers become the actors.


Jan Jansen shoe shops


2011 - 2012


Barend Koolhaas and Reinier Suurenbroek

Shop in Maastricht

A swimming pool in a glamorous fifties hollywood setting in black-and-white comic book style. The shoes and customers are the only detailed and colourful elements.

Shop in The Hague

Here you enter a strange scenery of a palace built out of giant toy blocks that has just collapsed. The fallen blocks now form seats and display elements.

Shop in Apeldoorn

A tropical garden scenery is lasercut out of a large steel sheet. Folding this sheet like a piece of paper through the space results in a surprisingly rich natural 3D effect.


Jeroen Koolhaas