the post-holiday effect

In June I worked a bit further on the house but something was bugging me. It was a puzzle neatly solved, but it was not really MY house…. In July we left on vacation and along the trip I realised I needed to explore the potential of the L-shaped space more. So far, the L was organized in an orthogonal way, completely missing out of the diagonal. Another thing I realised in the mountain house in Valle d’Aosta was that we needed more differentiated space. In that tiny “baita” I really enjoyed the many diverse places we could stay. Sembo and Kanna could be playing in the upstairs room, or on the stairs, Allard would be hanging in the hammock and I would be reading on the verandah. It was all very three-dimensional with indoor and outdoor spaces divided over 3 levels. When we returned home in the beginning of August, I received a mail from the lisence cordinator that the building shape needed some slight alterations. Two weeks later I presented a new model to him in the Municipality office of amsterdam north. Again, I would have to show it to the Welstand, so I did. And again, there were no objections. We discussed the angle of the roof of the glass house, but according to building regulation the angle cannot be steeper than 33 degees, so I told him what we are looking at here, is a physical manifestation of the rules. The regulation officer: “Sometimes I really despise those rules”.